For amateurs who love the sea and fishing (spearfishing, fishing rod, paternoster line), Antiparos offers its rich seabead, easy-to-access beaches (reached by land or sea) and ideal weather. For equipment, you will find several specialised fishing goods shops in the village.

In order for fishing activity to go off without a hitch, one must bear in mind that that the following restrictions are in effect:

  •        The fishing of sea urchins and shellfish without a special permit is prohibited;
  •        Amateur fishing with nets is not permitted;
  •        Fishing with the use of a spear gun, with the use of an underwater light, after sunset, or using any air supply device whatsoever are not permitted;
  •        Fishing at a distance of 200 (two hundred) metres or less from swimmers is prohibited;
  •        Fishing at port facilities or installations, harbour entrances / exits, vessel transit and anchorage areas, and wherever nets have been set are prohibited;
  •        Fishing without a buoy is not permitted; and,
  •        On shore, a spear gun must always be disarmed.