The characteristic that Antiparos nightlife shares in common with the other Cycladic isles is the partying till the crack of dawn and beyond, as well as the variety of musical choices on offer, catering to all tastes. However, the beach parties, the religious feast day celebrations, the cultural happenings and the concerts organized in the summer months by the Municipality of Antiparos are what set the island apart, offering visitors a special entertainment experience.

In addition, Antiparos by night does not include high prices, ‘face control’ at the door, categorizing people, queues. It includes all types of dress—but not dress codes—and this exactly is its magic: Respect for personal choices. Without doubt, this is one of the reasons that make the island so popular among people from the art scene and the international jet-set.

Young people arrange to meet at the Plateia [square], reminiscent of a large group of friends from school, divided into little clusters of people chatting away but, at the same time, also part of a larger unit, with all that this entails. It is very difficult not to make friends on Antiparos. In bars, at the square, in clubs or at the disco, the opportunity for a chat will present itself!

Parallel to this, there are waterfront—and not only—options for all those looking for romantic or quiet evenings.

If you’ve had a fantastic time so far, wait till you see the sunrise while at some beach. The sight of this will bring the night to a close in the best way possible and will convince you that the nightlife of Antiparos wraps up—in the morning!Let’s do it all over again—today!

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